A must have RV accessory to remove water/leaves from your slide out roof!

How can I remove water and leaves from my slide-out?


When I retract my slide-out after a rain, where do the water and leaves go?

At least a percentage of it goes into your trailer.  Most trailer slide outs have seals that try to wipe the water off when the slide is retracted.  When the slide out is retracted, the collected water, leaves, and dirt are trapped in your trailer and interfere with your seals.  Our trailer slide out roof held more than a gallon of water even after it was closed.  Some trailers have a slide out awning but these flap in the wind, sag, and don't prevent water from blowing under the awning when it is windy.  Some people suggest lowering the front of your trailer or getting on the roof to squeegee off the water. Slide Dryer offers you a safer, easier and more effective way to get that water and leaves off of the roof and keep it from entering your trailer.  I consider it a must have RV accessory!


My trailer has inner and outer seals on the slide out. Why don't they keep the water out?

There is a gap between the inner seal and the outer seal that traps the water when the slide out is retracted. After fully closing and then opening, as you can see in the picture, nearly a gallon of water was retained. (The water has been colored blue to make it easier to see.) When the vehicle is put into motion, the remaining water will move and is supposed to run out between the inner and outer seal. At least a portion will leak through the intersection of the interior seals and remain in the RV causing damage to the flooring, the carpet, and increasing the chance of mold growth.


Is the answer a ladder and a squeegee? Disconnect and Lower the front of my trailer? Purchasing a cover for my slide out? No to all of those!

We have a safer, quicker, and more efficient solution for you. We have attached three micro-fiber towels that wick up the water, to a 3/4-inch-wide pull tape that is non-abrasive so it won't damage the roof of your slide out. Simply close your slide out to about 5 to 6 inches letting the interior seal concentrate the water on your slide. Then pull the Slide Dryer through the remaining space which will remove all of the water and leaves. Then just close your slide. If your trailer has gutters, it can be done in the rain and still be effective. Safe, easy, less expensive, and more effective than any other solution on the market.  Watch the video and then buy one today! 


A genuine "Slide Dryer" for only $16.00 plus shipping! That's crazy!


($7.35 shipping)

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  • A safe, low cost, and efficient way of removing water and leaves from your Trailer Slide out roof before it gets into your trailer. 
  • It also removes small sticks and dirt that can interfere with your seals.
  • Shipping is listed at our cost and was recently raised by the USPS  

The Trailer "Slide Dryer"

Please check out our updated video!  For this demonstration, we poured water on the slide out, fully closed the slide out, then opened it about 5 inches.  The water cascading off of the roof during the video is a little over a gallon and would have been captured inside the outer seal.   

Frequently Asked Questions


Will the Slide Dryer damage the roof of my trailer?

Almost any product used incorrectly will cause damage but we have designed the Slide Dryer to avoid damaging the roof of your trailer.  The pull tape is sewn onto the top of the towels, and the towels are overlapped so when used properly, nothing touches the roof of your trailer but the terry cloth micro-fiber towels.  We have found that rope will cut through your roof very quickly, possibly the first time, so it should never be used. 

How do I place the Slide Dryer on my trailer's slide out?

So simple I just use a stick to place the Slide Dryer.  The Flat rope makes it easy to place the towels on one end of the slide out.  Using a light tension on the flat rope, move to the other end of the slide out and then use the stick again to put the flat rope onto the roof.  Now pull the flat rope to pull the towels across the slide out, using the stick to keep the flat rope from dragging on your roof.  

Can I machine wash The Slide Dryer when it gets dirty?

We strongly suggest that you do not machine wash it.  The 25 foot long cord will surely get wrapped around something in your your washer or dryer, bringing it to a complete stop. Just hand wash please.

How do I dry my Slide Dryer?

The Microfiber towels dry so fast that I just hand wring the water out and put the Slide Dryer in the back of the truck and it is ready the next time I need it.  Before storing for an extended time, make sure it is dry.

What is the location of Round Butte Manufacturing, Inc?

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How long is the pull tape on the Slide Dryer?

The pull tape is 25 feet long from end to end.  Because it is rated at 2500 pounds, it can be used as a clothes line without damaging it.  It is non-abrasive but we still think the directions of keeping the tape off of the roofing surface makes the most sense.  If you need a longer pull tape, just let us know and we will make you a custom Slide Dryer.

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